# whoami


Greetings! I'm a student studying for my Bachelors in Cybersecurity at DePaul University. I graduate in June 2023.

My current interests include writing in Rust lang, securing GNU Linux/Unix systems, backend development, and game preservation.

I'm drawn to problem solving; Situations that require a large amount of focus and thinking. Problem solving is a required skill when it comes to securing systems, writing complex backend software, and attempting to reverse games for the preservation of the functionality.


I tend to do a ton on github. Here are some of my favorite projects I built:


    This project is primarily a notes / tools repo with my reverse engineering process for the TTX4 USB IO card. This USB device is a button input card for a certain modern arcade machine that recently got decomissioned. It's unfinshed due to lack of knowledge (the arcade hacking community is much more underground than you'd think!).


    This repo is private at the moment, eventually it will be public, but not for a year or so. This project is my implementation of a backend scoring engine for CCDC practice. In our team, we practice for CCDC bi-weekly. This requires a nearly identical setup to what we're put on in the comp. This repo is also currently the largest Rust project I have going, I'd love to show it off if you're interested!


    I'm very into diy keyboards. Here is my repo for storing and maintaining my firmware. Eventually, I'll post pictues...


    I'm into vocaloid music. So I thought I'd look deeper into how the software works. After setting up a repo and following someone else's guide on how the file format is structured I wrote a simple python program to do this. Eventually this attracted other people on the internet interested in this task of extracting all the audio files from the voicebanks of the vocaloid software. This is my first repo to get forked and updated! It's always fun to see others contribute to your ideas.


    Digital Security Consultant Intern | Crowe LLP | June 2022 - August 2022

    Research Assistant | DePaul University | January 2022 - Present

    Networking Lab Assistant | DePaul University | December 2021 - Present


    Treasurer of Security Daemons | September 2019 - Present

      CCDC | Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition | September 2019 - Present

        2nd place nationally for 2021

        1st place in ILCCDC for February 2022

        1st place in MWCCDC for March 19th 2022

        7th place in NCCDC nationally as of April 23rd 2022

      CPTC | Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition | October 2021 - Present

        3rd in regional (qualified for nationals)

        Competed in the Nationals (World Wide) Finals of 2022 in Rochester, New York

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